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Gideon Hakak Marketing Accounting and Taxes  

is a firm providing tax counseling and accounting services, pecializing
in taxation, including Income Tax, V.A.T.,    National Insurance and
Labor Laws,  providing  accounting  services   that  are  thorough,
focused,comprehensive  and  on a  particularly  high  standard.

The firm's flagship  product  is the "marketing accounting"

concept,  developed  by  Gideon Hakak, on the basis of the
database located in the company's accounting files. This
is a  computer  model  making  use of  the  extensive
information contained  in the "technical" accounting
files, in  order  to  assist  the  enterprise to retain
customers, to recruit new ones, whether large
or small, to obtain data enabling it to manage
the sales  set up to its  customers  and to 

maintain  customer  relationship  on  a
highstandard, while utilizing the computer systems already in place with the accounting department, with no need to set up a new customer management system, to recruit additional manpower or to invest a range of resources.

Gideon Hakak Marketing Accounting and Taxes places great emphasis on, and attributes the highest importance to professionalism, emphasis on the smallest details and creativity - all of which constitute vital tools as part of the quality of the service which the firm stands for, and finding solutions for the enterprise's work on the outside by means of recruiting internal resources.  The firm believes in finding practical and accessible solutions to promote and leverage the business.

The firm has long-term fruitful, professional and personal working relations with the various tax authorities, including the Assessment Office (Income Tax), regional station managers (V.A.T.), branches of the National Insurance Office, members of the directorate of the various departments of the Tax Authorities, attorneys and CPA firms engaged in the field and some of the leading marketing counseling companies.

The firm is organized to provide a solution at any given moment for the needs of its clients both during times of calm and current management, as well as in times of unexpected crisis and difficulties.  It does all this with professional reliability, loyalty to the client, and with a view to promoting and leveraging the client's business, based on the vision of Gideon Hakak Marketing Accounting and Taxes.


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