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 Tax Rebates

Tax rebates up to 6 years retroactively.  The majority of the residents of Israel pay more Income Tax than they should, and they do not demand the rebates due to them.  Income Tax rebates can be received up to six years retroactively.

Below are particulars of situations in which a salaried worker can obtain tax rebates:


  1. If the salaried worker makes deposits in provident funds and private managers' insurance payments (not through the employer).
  2. If a member of his family is blind, bed-ridden (requires nursing care), paralyzed, retarded or is mentally ill.
  3. If he is paying maintenance for a family member in an institution, and such family member is in one of the conditions mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  4. If his salary in the course of the year is not uniform, and if he has worked in at least two different work places.
  5. If he is working at a number of jobs, or has worked in the course of the year at a number of different places.
  6. If he did not work part of the year.
  7. If he is a discharged soldier.
  8. For shift work.
  9. If he is a single parent.
  10. If he is paying alimony.
  11. If he is a new immigrant.
  12. If he was hospitalized due to a serious medical event in the course of the year.
  13. If he is living in a development area or in a special area.
  14. If he is making mortgage payments.




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