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Tax Consulting


The Israeli tax system is typified by a great deal of dynamism and extreme changes.  A number of comprehensive reforms, which radically altered the entire tax system, were passed within a short period.

In addition, many amendments have been made in the Value Added Tax and National Insurance systems.

Today, more than always, there is a need for someone responsible, possessing extensive skills and vast experience, to ensure that you benefit from all the rights and rebates to which you are entitled, guiding you in practical and legal tax planning, as well as representing you vis-à-vis the tax authorities, helping you in managing your books of account, preparing your statements and capital declarations, planning your taxes, counseling you on tax matters, etc.

Particulars of the main areas of service:


  • ­Tax consulting, with emphasis on maximum utilization of tax benefits
  • ­Ongoing consulting and updates throughout the year
  • ­Representation vis-à-vis tax authorities:  Income Tax, VAT and National Insurance
  • ­Preparation of annual financial statements to the Income Tax authorities for independent operators and corporations
  • ­Preparation of capital declaration, including annual comparisons and examination of capital differences, and explanations to independent operators and controlling shareholders
  • ­Opening tax files for independent operators with all tax authorities
  • ­Direct computer link to Income Tax and VAT websites, to obtain available information and perform operations
  • ­Direct computer link to the National Insurance website, to obtain available information and perform operations, including authorization for reducing fines



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