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What is the rationale for "Marketing Accountancy" ?

Studies show that regardless of the economic situation, there is one main reason for the lack of success of small enterprises - the lack of marketing ability.  Success depends on the ability to obtain new customers and to retain existing customers.
Accounting as a marketing tool enables the business owner to maintain a focused marketing communication system at very low cost, using available and easily operated resources.

What is "Marketing Accountancy" ?

An intelligent combination of tax consulting and classic accounting, with a modern and progressive systemic view based on reading the financial map to the best effect  for the management of the enterprise's marketing, service and sales.
This is a model which was built on the basis of the data base found in the accounting file, making use of the vast information contained in the "technical" file, in order to assist the business to retain customers, to recruit new ones and to increase sales.
With the help of this model, every enterprise can obtain figures enabling it to manage its sales set-up to its customers and to maintain high level customer relations, utilizing existing computer systems, with no need to set up a customer management system, to recruit additional manpower or to invest in a range of resources.

How does "Marketing Accountancy" actually work?

The enterprise transfers "ordinary" data on a regular basis in order to perform the accounting work.   In accordance with the enterprise's needs, reports are produced that are useful for managing the business, and present data to assist its marketing activity.

For instance:

  1. Analyzing the operational profile of existing customers - analysis of the purchasing patterns of regular customers:  A management tool making it possible to locate regular customers and the attendant profits for the business, and alternatively - to bring to the fore those who have reduced the frequency of their activity or who are no longer active at all. 

    Each case must be handled differently, with action adapted to each one separately.  The advantage for the business owner is clear - the ability to "keep a finger on the pulse" of the enterprise with respect to customer retention and not "to wake up too late" after the customer has already begun purchasing from the competition.
  2. Setting up an accounting-marketing customers' club, including the following sample activities:

    Customer Events - producing individual reports for customers, with emphasis on important dates (such as - birthdays, wedding anniversaries, anniversary of the establishment of the enterprise, and the like), in order to remember to be careful to show special attention, so as to continually cultivate and reinforce the relationship with them.

    Clientele Breakdown - creating specific mailing lists for products and services, with breakdown according to customer group profile, directing advertising and marketing to each group based on its characteristics, all of which results in an intelligent increase of the enterprise's profits.


The "Marketing Accountancy" model helps the business owner to analyze available reports and to create by their means appropriate marketing activity to retain customers, increase the customer's value, recruit new ones, promote the enterprise's operations and to lead the market in which it is active.

The models are set up after a making precise analysis of the needs of the enterprise, in cooperation with the owner, finding differentiation for the business and characterizing its customers.




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