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Every business requires accounting services, but have you ever realized that

the accounting file holds marketing information that could contribute greatly to the development of your business

The information contained in the books of account can be translated by the business owner into marketing activity, the direct consequence of which is profit to the enterprise

This concept is the basis for my professional philosophy.  Holding the world of taxation and accounting in my sights, it is totally obvious to me that in today's reality, with its growing market competition and professionalism that is leaping forward, where there is no room for amateurs, the tax consultant must constitute the central anchor for small and medium-sized enterprises, in a range of occupations and not only in the classic fields

The right combination of an inside view of the business - classic bookkeeping, with correct outward-facing work - marketing, service and image vis-à-vis customers/consumers/suppliers, constitute the most important foundations for the success of every enterprise


Classic Accounting and Taxes

Every business, especially the small and medium-sized ones, must seek the highest standard and most professional accounting service, so that it can rely on the figures and prepare accurate and reliable reports, can know the level of the business at any given moment and ensure that matters are dealt with properly, can rely on the figures and accordingly plan the financial activity that is best for the enterprise's stable and prosperous future
Above all, maximum emphasis must be placed on consistent examination of the field of taxation in which every client must plan his transactions so that he will not have to pay too much tax, and to take advantage of every provision of the law exempting him from or relieving the tax burden, for that it is the reason why it was created (see M. Shamgar, President of the Supreme Court at the time, in Civil Appeal 4639/91, Land Appreciation Tax v. Hazon et al


Marketing, Service and Image

In today's competitive and developing market, every business owner must effectively and intelligently utilize the existing resources in order to outshine his competitors, to retain and enlarge his market share and to reinforce his relationship with his clients.  The ability to read the financial map of the business, a resource which should always be available and well cultivated, is a valuable treasure although is not always utilized to realize these goals


The marketing accounting method that I have developed, in which every report and financial instrument has the potential of outward promotion, enabling the business to grow without additional expenditures - is the crowning glory of my work. …  My systemic view of the business enables me to provide the optimum solution for the best management of its finances, and enables the enterprise owner to utilize his time to focus on managing the business…..  The success of my clients is my success and their leverage is mine

Gideon Hakak


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